About Us A Unique Approach


Constell has its origins in leading diamond manufacturing facility, Worldwide Diamond Manufacturers (WDM), which was established in 1997 in Visakhapatnam, India.

Since its inception, Constell has focused on providing a seamless, effective service to its clients. Constell sets, develops and executes tailor-made solutions aligned with the vision and requirements of each client. Constell is expertly equipped for that purpose, with the resources to serve the needs of the industry across the pipeline.


Constell takes its name from the word constellation, derived from the Latin term cōnstellātiō, meaning “set of stars”.  Much like a notable set of stars in the night sky, the Constell Group is uniquely placed within its sphere of services to deliver remarkable results.

Each team member of the Constell Group is a star in their own right, well-established within their respective industries, coming together to form a brilliant organisation – a constellation of skills, experience and knowledge.


We believe in creating value and transforming lives.

Integrity | Quality | Agility | People Centered | Passion

We achieve this by leveraging expertise, talent, diligent practices and technology to strategically partner with organizations and people to realize their  full potential.


Meir Boukris

Executive Chairman (EC)

Meir has been active in India and Southern Africa for the past 30 years, having contributed to numerous significant projects on an international scale. His experience lies in his successful business career spanning manufacturing, real estate development, marketing and sales. Meir was the major shareholder and CEO of Bettonville N.V. between 1992 and 2006 and the founding partner of PBEL City in India.

Carlos Fernandes

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Carlos began his career in 1989 in the automotive industry, working for leading car manufacturers, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen for 11 years. He has been in the diamond industry since 2001, first working as General Manager of the Diatrada group’s DTC Polished Division operations in Portugal, and later as Operations Director for the Diamdel group. He has been with Constell since 2008.

Eytan Maximov

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Eytan began his career in 1986 as a trainee for diamond manufacturer Schachter Namdar, later joining the division responsible for worldwide manufacture across 10 factories. Eytan has considerable experience in the buying, selling and manufacturing of rough stones and a solid technical background accumulated over the 30 years of his career.

Sandeep Majumder

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Sandeep has worked in the diamond industry for the past 18 years, accumulating a wide range of practical skills that he is able to apply across a variety of sectors. His focus is on finance and accounting, and he has extensive experience in the setting up of new projects across the globe.