Diamond QC and Grading Facility Setup

Establish State-of-the-art Diamond QC and Grading Facility Setup

Wish to setup an international standard laboratory furnished with cutting-edge and latest technology based gem testing equipment and served by extremely qualified gemologists for testing and certifying diamonds and gemstones, then you are at the right place. We, at Constell Group, are your ideal partner who will assist you in setting up of diamond quality checking and grading laboratory. Setting up diamond QC and grading facility requires comprehensive diamond grading knowledge, skill and expertise to set-up the laboratory with the most apt tool and equipment to handle the task with utmost proficiency. This is the time when guidance and assistance of our expert professionals will play a significant role and help you come-up with excellent QC and grading facility setup to cater the diamond quality checking and grading requirements of jewelers and leading chain of jewellery stores.

Maintain Best Facility for Grading and Quality Checks of Diamonds

It is vital for consumers, importers, exporters and manufacturers to be sure of the diamond grade and quality and hence they greatly rely upon quality checking and grading laboratory to ensure the diamond quality. Most of the quality checking and grading laboratory operates under the same set of standard procedures and principles designed to ensure the quality and precision of every piece of diamond. To enable you achieve accuracy and consistency, we help you establish state-of-the-art laboratory, recruit highly trained staff and have effective management and operation of grading laboratory. The diamonds are not just checked for the natural or synthetic nature but also for various other treatments like cut, colour, clarity and the country from which it is originated.

Take every Step in the Right Direction with Constell

In order to render international standard service in diamond QC and grading, the laboratory should be backed by qualified and experienced gemologists, diamond graders and diamond experts. With the proliferation of synthetic and treated stones in the market, the customers as well as jewelers look for unbiased and expert services for quality checking and grading of diamond. Thus, to handle every quality testing and grading requirement of diamond, the quality checking and grading laboratory needs to be equipped with sophisticated gem testing instrument and should be managed by highly experienced and qualified gemologists and scientists. While associating with Constell Group, clients can be rest assured of establishing a world-class diamond testing and grading laboratory that will help them achieve pinnacle of the testing and grading field.