Constell America Corp.


Professional diamond pipeline consultancy services for the United States.

About Us

Constell America Corp. is a subsidiary company of The Constell Group that was incorporated in April 2019. Following the group’s successful establishment in Asia, Africa and Europe, Constell America Corp. was created to serve large industry players in the mining, manufacturing, research and development, trading, retail and jewellery sectors within the United States.

What We Do

Constell America Corp. assists and guides US clients in the setting-up of diamond cutting and polishing units across the globe. It empowers them with the essential knowledge, tools, equipment and techniques for functioning across the diamond pipeline.

By tapping into the specialised human resources of the broader Constell Group, Constell America Corp. is fully equipped to provide its clients with the consultancy and training services needed for a strong start within the industry.

The company also assists in recruitment across cutting and polishing, and procurement of required equipment, as well as monitoring of installation.

The Constell Group has successfully established numerous diamond cutting and polishing units across the world to date and is ideally positioned to assist US-based companies in entering the diamond industry.