WDM-B holds an unrivalled position within the diamond industry in Botswana, enabling our clients to develop their business operations under our expert guidance.

About us

Worldwide Diamond Manufacturers Botswana (WDM-B) was established in 2015 in Botswana. The consultancy and contract work company provides a wide range of services to companies interested in investing or developing within the diamond industry in Botswana.

Our People

WDM-B benefits from the vast experience of the professionals of the Constell Group, but the medium to long-term vision of WDM-B is to be a company with a 100% local workforce. The quality of our people has always played a major role in our success. The experience our group has gathered over the years working in Southern Africa, the vast and deep knowledge we have about the local citizens and the effective systems we build for transferring skills, encourage us to reach the goals we set for ourselves.

What we do


We polish diamonds from 0.50 carats and above, both from rough to polished and from polished to recut or repair. We also prepare roughs for others to cut and polish.


We do customized rough and polished sorting as per our clients’ requirements.


We assist our clients in setting up operations and managing those operations for them. WDM-B professionals also assist clients in rough assessments and valuations on tenders, auctions and private sales.

Training Programs

We prepare and deliver tailor made training programs for the diamond industry as per the requirements of our clients.