WDM is committed to providing quality, cost-effective services to our customers through our technical expertise and highly advanced state-of-the-art technologies.

About us

Worldwide Diamond Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd (WDM) was established in 1997 in Visakhapatnam, India. WDM is located in the VSEZ (Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone) and is a 100% export-oriented unit.

WDM is a leader in diamond cutting and polishing contract work services. The company uses the latest technologies and works with a very experienced team, capable of delivering services across a wide range of diamond sizes, shapes, models, qualities and colors, enabling clients and owners of the goods processed at WDM to benefit from a high quality of work, ultimately enhancing the value of their goods.

WDM has a long list of clients across several locations worldwide, including Belgium, Botswana, Canada, Dubai, Israel, Namibia, South Africa and the USA.

Our People

We employ around 800 people directly, while many more are indirectly employed through our supply chain. The quality of our people has always played a major role in our success. The culture of our group is focused on developing talent from within, while attracting people who bring knowledge and skills that strengthen our business. As we continue to grow our people through this culture, they continue to advance their skills through interesting, challenging work in our dynamic, fast-paced environment.

What we do


We polish diamonds from 0.20 carats and above, both from rough to polished and from polished to recut or repair. We also prepare roughs for others to cut and polish.


We do customized rough and polished sorting as per our clients’ requirements.


Our range of make is as follows:

  • AGS000 + H&A
  • GIA 3EX / HRD 3EX
  • GIA GD / HRD GD.
  • Commercial make.