WDS is focused on being the customer preferred best-value diamond processor by consistently delivering customized sorting of the highest quality, based on our customer needs.

About us

Worldwide Diamond Sorting Pvt. Ltd (WDS) was established in 2012 in Visakhapatnam, India, to provide rough diamond sorting and valuation services. The company enables clients to maximize the value of their rough when selling it, by preparing the selling assortments in a cost-effective manner and optimized cycle time.  

WDS focuses on an extensive continuous improvement at all stages of sorting to deliver accurate, consistent, and efficient results to our customers.

Our People

We employ around 170 people that sort and evaluate approximately 750 000 rough carats per month. The quality of our people has always played a major role in our success. The culture of our group is focused on developing talent from within, while attracting people who bring knowledge and skills that strengthen our business and at WDS we collaborate with a team of highly skilled rough sorters with more than 100 years experience between them. All that knowledge is passed into our team, enabling them to provide accurate and consistent rough sorting services to our clients. Our team of valuators also have a long working background and exposure to different levels of the market in the diamond industry, which enables them to provide accurate valuations of the rough to our clients.

What we do

In nature there are no perfect crystals or two identical diamonds, and so when diamonds arrive from mines they are sorted into different categories. Hence their grading and sorting categories are dependent on size, model, quality and color.

Key Activities

  • Assorting run-of-mine
  • Sorting pre-assorted goods
  • Valuation of rough

Specialization on all Size Ranges

  • Special stones: 10.8 carats and above
  • Large stones: 1.80 carats to 10.79 carats
  • Grainers: 0.66 carats – 1.79 carat
  • Smalls : 0.65 carats and below in different sizes

Technical Consistency

WDS sorts diamonds based on our clients’ requirements and ensures that the sorting process provides the correct valuation with respect to the market value. WDS makes sure that a consistent assortment of diamonds are delivered to our clients.

Our Quality Objectives

  • Continuously improving on quality and delivery cycle
  • Customer-centric planning
  • Continuously training and developing employee skills