Our Services Creating Manufacturing Hubs

What we do

Constell provides a range of services to foreign companies looking to establish manufacturing hubs in India or Southern Africa. Constell’s 20-year-long history of operating in these parts of the world puts the company at a unique advantage in assisting newcomers in better understanding the market and work culture.

Constell is ideally equipped to serve the needs of large industry players in the mining, manufacturing, research & development, trading, retail and jewellery sectors.


Consultancy Services   |  Training Services  |  Operations Management  |  Contract Work Services | Cutting & PolishingJewelry Manufacturing | Turn-key solutions

With Constell on their side, clients are free to focus on the key elements of their business while we do what we do best – seamlessly transform raw materials to end products in the most cost-effective way.


Our reach extends globally, from the USA and Canada, to Belgium and Switzerland, Israel and Dubai (UAE), India and China, and Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.