Message from the CEO

Message from CEO on Responsible Business Practices

Dear Colleagues/Stakeholders,

At Constell, we emphasize good corporate governance, business ethics and transparency in our business throughout the entire group. As our reach extends globally, we recognize our responsibility to manage the business with the highest possible ethics and integrity guided by our values. We seek to ensure that the commitment to responsible, ethical and lawful conduct is implemented and put into practice at all the levels of the business.

Our responsible business practices are focused on four principles: Adhering to the international and state level statutory compliances where we operate, increase stakeholders’ trust by safeguarding the business and financial reputation, protecting and supporting the people we work with, minimizing our impact on the environment.

In order to conduct our businesses responsibly, we have adopted the best practices and principles applicable to the diamond industry. Our policy documents as mentioned below set forth all the business policies, procedures, standards and systems aligned with the principles of Responsible Business Practices.

  • BPP Policies and Procedures
  • Health, Safety and Environment Policy
  • AML/CFT, Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Employee Handbook
  • Product Security Policy

Our policies, procedures and system apply to all the employees of the entity including the Board of Directors. All the employees including the Board of Directors are expected to act with integrity and honesty and to fortify with the Constell values.

Progressive and regular communication campaigns are aimed to raise awareness among all the members of Constell on speaking up or reporting concerns about values, ethics, human rights, discrimination, and professional conduct, or if they suspect any potentially illegal behaviour or practice across all functions of our business.

The appropriate framework listed in the documents safeguards the value for all our stakeholders, ensures that we comply, through openness and integrity, and build our reputation by reflecting the highest standards of business governance.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that the business is conducted ethically and in a responsible manner.

Carlos Fernandes
CEO, Constell Group