Operations Management

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We advise and collaborate with businesses that are looking to establish themselves in the diamond industry, helping them to decide on the best business strategies that will help them achieve maximum return from minimum investment.

Constell Group offers expert advice regarding all aspects of setting up and operating a diamond business through its consultancy service team and well established network of professional service partners.

The consultancy firm has been deeply involved in many facets of the diamond industry. Right from setting up of diamond manufacturing units and setting up a diamond grading laboratory, to consulting and assisting in strategic planning, organizational development administrative and financial operations.

We, at Constell Group guide our clients through the intricate details of starting a diamond operation. Right from the capital investment needed up till the establishment of a physical setup with excellent infrastructure.

We guide our clients in every little detail of establishing and managing their business. We also help them to have a real-time business solution that will help them make smart and strategic operational decisions to enhance their efficiency, growth and profits besides rendering complete customer satisfaction.