Sorting Services

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Our immense knowledge of the mining industry has been developed over the years through our engagement as a service provider for diamond mining companies well as through our diamond polishing manufacturing business.

In 2009 the Constell Group started sorting run-of-mine, and since 2016, the Constell Group has provided a team of highly qualified technical personnel to carry out specialized detailed rough diamond valuation, sorting, and evaluating.

The Constell Group has a state-of-the-art diamond sorting and manufacturing facility in Visakhapatnam, India. This facility allows us to offer contract sorting (rough and polished) to polishing and mining companies and retailers, at highly competitive rates.

The sorting division of the Constell Group is the world’s largest independent sorting entity, with a workforce of 300 providing sorting and valuation services.

The Constell team has many years of experience in diamond handling and sorting, control, consistency, process management and integrity are all part of our daily operations. Preparation for sale, including appropriate samples and correct assortments, is a critical element in the process of maximizing the value of diamonds, and we have proven ourselves over the years in this regard. All diamond work processes are backed up by rigorous IT systems to ensure full traceability and performance management.